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Earwax FAQ’s

Is it necessary to use ear wax softeners prior to microsuction?

Using softening drops prior to earwax removal helps to lubricate the ear canal, which encourages the wax to come out more freely.

If you prefer not to use softeners, or have any contraindications to doing so (such as a hole in your eardrum) then it is not necessary.

What’s the difference between ear syringing and microsuction?

Microsuction is considered the 'gold standard' method of earwax removal as it safer and more effective. Traditional methods of earwax removal (syringing and irrigation) use a water jet to dislodge and blindly flush out earwax, whereas microsuction gently vacuums the wax out with precision.

Microsuction avoids touching the delicate skin of the ear canal and eardrum which reduces the risk of infection and other complications.

Does it hurt?

One of the most common questions about earwax removal!

You will be pleased to hear that due to the gentle nature and precision of Microsuction there should be no pain. Our skilled Audiologists take great care to ensure they do not touch the sensitive skin of the ear canal or eardrum. Some people actually report that they find the procedure relaxing!

What noises can you expect during microsuction?

Since microsuction uses vacuum, you will hear the hum of the vacuum probe throughout the procedure, but much like a ticking clock you quickly get used to it.

As the probe moves further into your ear canal the sound will increase, however if your Audiologist is working close to your eardrum they can use a ‘fine end’ attachment to minimise noise exposure.

If your earwax is particularly runny, or stringy, you may hearing slurping sounds as it ‘hoovered up’ by the suction probe.

Can I have microsuction if my ears are infected?

Some people have microsuction to remove debris in the outer ear canal during an active ear infection. This can cause some relief and make treating the ear infection more effective.

How much is it?

The cost of earwax removal is £65. This includes video endoscopy so that you can see images and footage of before, during, and after the earwax removal procedure.