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Lead Hearing Consultant Holly shares her inspiration for becoming an Audiologist

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One of my first childhood memories of Audiology was watching my brother have his earmould impressions taken.

Probably in an attempt to keep us quiet, the audiologist handed us the excess sloppy bright green, fragrant, putty-like material which we moulded into balls. To our amazement the material gradually turned solid and we found ourselves in possession of fragrant bouncy balls! The sweet smell of these delightful balls will always stay with me.

Growing up I was the voice for my brother, when he wasn’t always able to communicate for himself.
Especially in my adult life, I understand the importance of enabling and empowering people to communicate for themselves. Hearing devices and technology play a vital part in this. My brother is fully equipped with the latest Bluetooth and rechargeable hearing aids, social microphones and the least conspicuous hearing aids he has ever had! He no longer needs me to help him communicate.
The bouncy balls peaked my interest, but my heartfelt commitment to helping people to hear better for themselves comes from my brother.
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