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Hearing Aids

Following your assessment, you will have the opportunity to listen through some hearing aids and your audiologist will assess how you respond to amplification. Your audiologist will be able to recommend the best hearing aids based on your needs, lifestyle and budget.

We supply a range of different style hearing aids from in the ear to receiver in the canal aids. We know how important discretion is and we strive to provide the most discrete hearing aids tailored to your hearing loss and lifestyle.

Revolutionary product features

We supply world leading hearing aids. They offer the best sound quality and the most discrete, comfortable fit.
Minimal effort, maximum sound

Rechargeable hearing aids work with a built in battery unit that can be charged up via a unique storage box. This is a stark contrast to traditional hearing aids with disposable batteries. You can rely on this modern technology to keep you hearing throughout the day, without batteries running out at crucial moments. Sleek and discrete, the hearing aids fit streamlined behind your ear, or can be custom made to fit in the ear.

At the end of every day you simply place them in their charger box to refresh overnight, and they will be ready to start a new day with a full charge. Recharging hearing aids is as easy as charging a mobile phone or electric toothbrush.
An invisible hearing aid is custom moulded to your ear, and sits discretely in your ear canal. There are no visible components on the outside of your ear. Unobtrusive and lightweight these hearing aids can deliver exceptional sound quality close to the eardrum.
Put simply, Bluetooth is a way of digitally and wirelessly connecting your hearing aids to the sounds and technology you love. Hear speech from your TV, telephone or iPad without any loss of sound. Use your mobile phone to adjust the volume of your hearing aids. You can even have your TV on mute so as not to disturb others, and still hear it through your hearing aids!

Discrete, and simple to use, you may be surprised at the benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids. Ask us today if you’d like to hear more.

What Are Hearing Aids?

You may be just starting out on your journey into hearing aids, or you may have had some previously which didn’t fulfil your needs. The OpenEars team in Mansfield offer professional advice on which hearing aids will help you to reach your full hearing potential. 

Over twelve million people are affected by hearing loss in the UK alone. You are not alone, and hearing aids can be incredibly valuable in restoring hearing clarity and quality of life. 

These lightweight, high-tech devices enhance sounds that you have lost the ability to hear, and stimulate the brain with sound. There are many different types of hearing aid, from very tiny ‘invisible’ in the ear aids, to revolutionary bluetooth and rechargeable models. The aim of wearing hearing aids is not only to break down communication boundaries and help you to engage in everyday activities, but they are very important for brain health too. 

Did you know.......
Evidence suggests that hearing loss is linked to more concerning health issues such as dementia, so scientists and health experts advocate wearing hearing aids as soon as you notice problems with your hearing. Our experts in Mansfield wholeheartedly believe in maintaining healthy hearing for the best possible quality of life.

How Do Hearing Aids Work?

The OpenEars experts have a wealth of experience with all types and brands of hearing aids. Modern digital hearing aid technology is very sophisticated, but all hearing aids work with the same principles. 

Hearing aids carry sound through three different parts. These are the microphone, amplifier and speaker. 

The microphone detects sound waves and converts them into electrical signals. The power of these signals is then amplified. The speaker, also known as the receiver, turns these magnified signals into sound which is directed into your ear canal. 

The amplified signal can then be heard by the individual with hearing loss.

Have more questions about hearing aids? Read more on our FAQ page.

Benefits of Hearing Aids:

Our OpenEars professionals in Mansfield understand how much hearing loss can impact on quality of life and communication.

Is speech seeming increasingly dull and muffled? This could be because you have lost the ability to hear high pitched sounds. Hearing aids can improve the clarity of conversations by amplifying (making louder) the high frequencies in speech. 

Our experts will program hearing aids specifically to your hearing loss and needs.

Hearing aids can:
  • Improve the clarity of speech and stop people sounding ‘muffled’
  • Allow you to hear low volume noises with ease
  • Make communication with other people more effortless
  • Help you to hear on the phone
  • Enhance the pleasure of listening to music, the radio and television programmes
  • Lower background noise which can be disruptive and distracting
  • Improve overall quality of life and help you to enjoy socialising again
Different types of hearing aid

Types of Popular Hearing Aids:

The friendly and skilled team at Mansfield based OpenEars will work with you to help you decide which hearing aids will be most suitable for your hearing loss and lifestyle. 

Popular hearing aids include -
  • Bluetooth Hearing Aids - Bluetooth hearing aids allow you to connect to devices, such as mobile phones, TV and ‘tablets’. Hearing aids can be both android (e.g. Samsung), and iOS (e.g. Apple) compatible. This transforms your hearing aids into a wireless headset. The sound quality of conversations over the phone, television, podcasts, music and more is instantly enhanced. 

  • Rechargeable Hearing Aids - These are supplied with a convenient, portable charging station. This makes recharging easy and leaving them to charge for up to four hours provides you with full day’s use. Due to their lithium batteries only needing to be replaced every four to five years, this saves money and is an environmentally friendly option. If you have ever worn battery operated hearing aids you will be all too familiar with the inconvenience of batteries running out when you are in the middle of a family meal or your favourite TV program! 

  • Behind-the-ear Hearing Aids - BTE hearing aids are positioned at the back of your ear. A discreet, transparent tube is then linked to a dome, or mould of your ear which is situated in your ear canal. This form of hearing aid is slightly larger than other devices, but it can benefit from high-tech advantages such as increased power, bluetooth and telecoil (loop) functions. It is appropriate for all sizes of ears and stages of hearing loss.

  • In The Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids - ITE hearing aids have no wires and are custom moulded to sit in the ear canal. This can make them the most discrete option, and sometimes easier to handle. The size of an ITE hearing aid can range from very tiny, invisible (IIC) aids, to larger In The Canal (ITC) aids. They can be tailored to suit your ear size and due to their placement in the ear canal, the microphones are shielded from wind and background noise.

Contact OpenEars for Attentive and Quality Advice:

At OpenEars in Mansfield, we want to enhance your quality of life by improving your hearing. With open ears, we are here to listen and provide professional, compassionate advice. 

If you have any questions about products, services, or just need more information about the benefits of hearing aids and how they can improve your life, please feel free to contact us. 

Our OpenEars customer service team, based in Mansfield Nottinghamshire, is standing by to answer any questions you may have.
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How do I choose the right hearing aid for me?

There is no exact science to choosing hearing aids. What works for one person may not be appropriate for the next. Our experts will skillfully assess your needs, hearing loss, ear shape and budget. They are dedicated to helping you choose the hearing aid that will best suit you.
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Our hearing aids start from £1595 for two
You will have the opportunity to try them on and enjoy a live listening experience.