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Hearing Assessments

Taking that initial step to seeking help for your hearing can be nerve wracking. At OpenEars the environment is tranquil, and the Audiologists are friendly and approachable.

As soon as you enter you will feel at ease in our state of the art ‘Hearing space’.

What Happens During a Hearing Assessment?

Your Audiologist will welcome you to share what leads you to seek help for your hearing. We believe that understanding your hearing needs and hopes is fundamental to helping you achieve the best possible hearing.

Your highly skilled Audiologist will undertake a comprehensive examination of your ears, record relevant hearing and medical history, and a complete a full diagnostic test.

A personalised hearing profile will detail the presence, severity and type of hearing loss.

If hearing aids are recommended, you will have the opportunity to listen through them and your Audiologist will assess how you respond to amplification.

Following the assessment you will acquire a thorough understanding of your hearing loss and appreciate why it has the observed effects on your everyday living, and how these can be alleviated.

Having discussed your hopes and goals with your dedicated Audiologist, together you will formulate a hearing plan. This will involve looking at which hearing aid technology will best suit your needs, lifestyle and budget. Check our hearing aids service.

How we test your hearing

Your ears are split into three parts: outer, middle and inner. We will assess each section to establish the nature of your hearing loss. We use the latest technology to achieve accurate results.
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Outer ear

We will examine the ear canal and eardrum using a device called an otoscope. This is a torch with magnification that is held at the entrance of the ear canal. It is a gentle, pain free procedure that allows us to identify any blockages such as ear wax. We can also look to see if there is any infection or abnormalities that could cause problems with your hearing. You will be able to see images of your ear on a screen.

Middle ear

We will assess how well the tiny bones in your middle ear work. Sometimes you may be suffering from glue ear which can prevent the bones from moving as freely as they should.

The Eustacian tube can also cause problems with your hearing. You may experience clicking or popping in your ears as a result of a cold. You could also feel like your ears are blocked.

We use gentle pressure to assess how well these middle ear systems are working and how your middle ear carries sound to your inner ear.

Inner ear

Beep test
Imagine a piano - we will test how well you can hear beeps at different tones. We plot the results of your test on a graph called an audiogram.

Sometimes the tiny hair cells in your inner ear can be damaged as a result of wear and tear. Inner hair cell damage causes permanent hearing loss. Loud noise levels, medication and viruses can all cause contribute to inner hair cell damage.

Background Noise
Sometimes the results from an audiogram do not give an accurate reflection of how well you hear in noise. Some people may only have a mild hearing loss but experience huge difficulties following conversations in noisy places. We will use a speech test to shed more light on how well your brain processes sound.

Expert hearing care in a warm, friendly environment…

Our family run hearing clinic in Mansfield was designed with you in mind. We have created a calm and peaceful environment, set in beautiful surroundings, to make your hearing assessment relaxing and worry free. Our friendly and approachable Audiologists have built an outstanding reputation in Mansfield and the surrounding areas for offering a warm, yet professional approach to Hearingcare.

We truly are experts in Audiology, with years of experience in all sectors including the NHS, Hearing Research and Private Hearingcare. We know what works best and have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you receive the very best hearing assessment possible. We work with all leading brands of hearing aids and offer a no nonsense, easy to understand and jargon free approach about how to improve your hearing world.

What can we do for you?

The team at OpenEars aim to help manage your hearing issues with more than just hearing aids. Following you hearing assessment we:

Help identify potential underlying causes for your hearing difficulties and help you make informed decisions about how to manage them.

Provide you with personal support and advice on communication tactics.

Discuss how family and friends can be involved in lessening the burden of hearing loss.

Advice about reducing the risk of further hearing loss.

Provide ongoing support and aftercare, whenever you need it!

We hope that you will come away equipped to enjoy a better quality of life and be able to better communicate with family, friends, and colleagues and participate more fully in activities that you love.
Occasionally the results of the assessment will indicate the need for a Medical referral. Your health is our priority and will be put before any hearing solution. You will receive a formal medical report for your GP, detailing the findings from your assessment.

Why Should You Choose Open Ears Hearing?

At Open Ears, our mission is to enable and empower people to communicate for themselves. Our lead hearing consultant Holly shares her inspirational story on why she became an audiologist. Click here to read.

We are fully independent hearing consultants, meaning we source the best and highest quality hearing aids and hearing technology for your needs.

Our testing facilities are exceptional. As well as providing world leading hearing aids, we offer diagnostic tests that are not available in your average high street Audiology clinic. This means we can help get to the root of your hearing problem and if necessary, we can refer to Ear Nose and Throat consultants for specialist treatment.

OpenEars is a truly unique hearing practice that serves the community of Mansfield and beyond. We are proud of the outstanding reputation we have earned for providing friendly, professional, timely and continuous care to all our clients. We aim to get you reconnected to your life through the best hearing aid technology available.
We believe hearing loss is a shared responsibility, and that involving partners in rehabilitation plays a key role to optimum hearing. That is why we welcome you to bring someone that understands your hearing needs to your appointment. This may be a relative, friend or neighbour.

We do, however, understand the need for discretion, so if you’d rather come alone that is also fine!
Our hearing aids start from £1595 for two
You will have the opportunity to try them on and enjoy a live listening experience.