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Earwax Removal

Most GP services no longer remove ear wax as they do not receive funding from the government for it. Therefore it may be necessary to go privately.
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Hearing Assessments

Taking that initial step to seeking help for your hearing can be nerve wracking. At OpenEars the environment is tranquil, and the Audiologists are friendly and approachable.
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Hearing Aids

Following your assessment, you will have the opportunity to listen through some hearing aids and your audiologist will assess how you respond to amplification.
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Fine Tuning

You may already have hearing aids but looking for professional advice on how to achieve optimal sound performance.
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You may already have a hearing aid that is not working. We will assess the hearing aid and diagnose the fault.
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Ear Protection

The age-old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’! We strongly believe in protecting your hearing; even if you already have a hearing loss.
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